How to Lower Your Comcast Xfinity Cable & Internet Rate

When we first arrived in the USA, we applied for Comcast Xfinity cable and internet package. We paid $66 per month initially. But after the initial 12 months promotional period, we ended up paying $111 per month! Too expensive! So when our 2-year contract was up, I called them up and managed to bring down our monthly rate to $48.66

Here’s a trick to lower your Comcast Xfinity cable and internet monthly rate.

Buy your own modem and router.

A modem and a router costs about $50-$100. But over the long run you will save some money. If you rent from Comcast, it will cost about $10 per month and it won’t even be yours at the end of your contract with them.

Make sure to research modems that are compatible with the service you want from Comcast. Do a Google search of “Comcast compatible modems” and you’ll know which ones to buy.

Consider removing features or channels you don’t need.

Did you subscribe to their sports or entertainment package? Do you really need those? How about HBO or other premium channels, do you really want to keep those?

Ask yourself how many times you’ve watched those premium channels in the past 6 months. If you haven’t really watched those, then cancel them.

Look for alternative sources of movies and entertainment.

There’s Netflix, Amazon Prime video, HBO Now, and other streaming services that you can subscribe to. This would really depend on your budget and what types of shows or movies you want.

For us, we usually borrow DVDs of newly released movies from the Nashville Public Library. We usually wait for a month or two after their movie release dates and enjoy those movies! The best thing about it–it’s FREE!

Log on to your account and look for deals online.

I went to the “Services” section and clicked on “Manage Plan.” You can then look at their ongoing promotions and choose the types of services you need or want.

I know that Comcast is famous for its bad customer service, but for the past 3 years, we’ve been satisfied with their service and had not really experienced extended service outage.

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