About Clueless in the US

Hey there, if you are moving to the United States, this is the perfect place for you. My name is Mighty and I moved to the USA from the Philippines in mid-2015 as a religious worker with an R1 visa. In late 2019, my wife, son, and I became Permanent Residents and received our Green Cards.

Through this blog and my YouTube channel, newcomers in the USA will find resources and actionable tips to move smoothly, learn how to survive your first year in the US, and adjust successfully to your new life in this country. CluelessintheUS provides practical and actionable tutorials, how-tos, and tips to navigate life in the USA. You will also find a roadmap toward financial independence with the eventual goal of making a difference in the lives of others in the US and your home country.

If you have a question about moving, adjusting, and living in the US, send me an email at CluelessintheUS@gmail.com. The video below is still showing my old channel name. I have since rebranded it to Clueless in the US.