How to Save Money on Your Child’s Haircut

Kids haircut in America costs at least $12, plus tip, it would be around $15-$18. Our son gets a haircut probably 8-10 times in a year. That would be about $120 to $180 yearly.

When I was a small boy, my father cut my hair. I know that I looked pretty good as a kid. But I don’t really remember what my haircuts then were like. As I progressed through my elementary years and my father got busier, I started going to a barber. I usually got a “flat top” or a “barber’s cut.”

When I felt like I had haircut problems in America, I started looking for the right barber. At about the same time, my wife and I decided that I could cut our son’s hair in the comforts of our home. That’s important tip for y’all out there. Always consult your wife in all important matters such as your child’s hair!

I ordered an electric hair cutting set and also a set of hair cutting scissors and combs. We spent a total of $40 for these tools. Totally worth it! These tools paid for themselves after the third haircut I gave my son.

After watching a hundred YouTube videos about cutting boys’ hair, I finally mustered enough courage to give my son a haircut!

Work in progress! I hope he forgives me when he grows up. 😀

That first attempt might not have been exemplary. I cut his hair a little too short on top and he sported what looked like a miniature version of a military dude’s haircut. Thankfully, he doesn’t go to an office yet and he hasn’t learned to demand his money back from a barber.

I’d like to think that I have become a better barber since I started cutting my son’s hair almost 2 years ago. But I’m not going to set up a barbershop any time soon. But at least, we have saved at least $320 since then. I probably have another 2 years before he demands that I bring him to a professional barber.

If you came to this page to look for ways to save some money on your child’s haircut, here are three tips for you:

  • Talk to your spouse before using any kind of scissors near your child’s hair! That’s important because you may want to save money but your spouse wants a really good haircut for your child.
  • Buy a nice haircutting set. In my case, I bought the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit #79300-400T and Professional Hair Fixer Set Hair Cutting Scissors Shears Barber Thinning Set Kit with a Black Case.
  • Watch a lot of YouTube tutorial videos. Use the search function and you’ll see step-by-step instructions.

Final tip, don’t ever cut or nick your child’s ears!

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Featured image credit: Warren Stuart via Flickr

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