How to Subscribe to Netflix

Ever heard the term “Netflix and Chill?” Please don’t use this term unless you really know what it means.

Anyway, Netflix is a cool streaming service. It has original programming, and you get access to lots and lots of TV series such as Breaking Bad, Marvel’s SHIELD, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and a whole lot more.

Go to and sign up.

You need to provide your name, email address, and your credit card or debit card information. It will automatically renew each month and you will get notified by email if your payment was successful.

If you have an internet-ready TV, or an adapter like Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku TV, Netflix is usually pre-loaded as one of the channels you can watch.

We used to have Netflix at home but our son, really, is the only one using it. They have a lot of educational programs for kids, and a lot of movies for kids.

Be warned, though, because it has a lot of TV series, you can easily lose track of time if you start binge-watching your favorite TV series.

Because of Netflix, you can easily watch one episode after another until you finish watching the full season of your favorite shows! Good for the show, bad for you if you need to go to work the next morning.

Overall, Netflix is a good addition to your entertainment needs in addition to cable TV, to free DVDs from the library, Amazon Prime, or any other source of video-based entertainment.

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