List of Things You’ll Need to Start Your Life in the USA and Where to Buy Them

Moving to the United States essentially means restarting your life. You will need furniture, appliances, and many other things that you used to own. The problem is, you can’t really bring your possessions halfway across the world because it’s too expensive.

When I moved to the United States with my family, we only brought the most essential things we needed and the things that we can and transport cheaply from the Philippines.

Here’s a list of things that you will need in your new apartment or home. I’ve arranged them according to the sections of the home. Some of these things are easily available at Walmart, Kroger, and any other department stores or grocery. also included the best place to buy it.

You can buy almost all of the following on Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Kmart, or any other department store or big grocery stores. Please compare prices before buying anything. To save some money, please consider buying things on thrift stores, Goodwill, Craigslist, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace. – Although Amazon started out as an online bookseller, it is now an online retailer for pretty much everything you need. The best thing about it is you just wait for the products you bought to be delivered to your home. Shipping also costs money so make comparisons with other retailers before deciding.

Walmart – Walmart is like the SM Hypermarket and Department store in the Philippines. You can buy groceries and household items there. You can also order online and they will deliver to your home.

Kroger – Kroger is mainly a grocery store but they also offer a few home goods, mainly the ones that you will need for the kitchen or dining room.

Goodwill – Goodwill is a thrift store where people can donate their possessions, which are in turn sold inexpensively. It is similar to Ukay Ukay in the Philippines, but more organized and with better quality goods. You can buy clothing, household items, furniture, toys, and many other things you’ll need.

Craigslist – Craigslist is an online classifieds where you can find items for sale. I have found some good quality furniture and household goods from this site. Try browsing the FREE section and you just might get goods for free.

Garage, Yard, Estate Sales – Usually, garage/yard sales are done during the Spring and Summer after people clean up their homes after winter. You can get good quality used items cheaply. Do check out Craigslist for schedules and listing of garage/yard sales.

Estate sales, on the other hand, are done by families who are often downsizing their homes. A whole house would be open to the public with all the goods inside the house for sale.

Living Room
Center/Side Table
Floor Lamps

Pots and pans
Eating Utensils
Rugs and cleaners
Microwave Oven
Toaster oven
Electric Kettle
Water filter and dispenser – Walmart, Amazon

Dining Room
Dining table & chairs

Sheets & pillow cases
Night stand

Lint remover
Shoes organizer

Trash bin
Shower curtain
Rugs & hand towels
Mirror cleaner

Cleaners & Small Appliances
Vacuum cleaner
Broom & dust pan
Garbage bin
TV, Modem, & Router

Did I forget to include anything else? Feel free to add them in the comments.

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